Friday, December 16, 2016

1892 Yale Athletic Association Trophy

We have seen a number of Yale Athletic Association items offered this past year such as caps, sweaters and the like, so we decided to post one of our related trophies. From the Winter Meeting of 1892, this First Place Yale Athletic Association wrestling trophy was won by C.L. Avery Jr. Avery was a wrestler of note wrestling in various weight classes.
Avery was mentioned in numerous New York Times articles in 1892 and 1893. Mention was made of his wrestling on March 27, 1892, and on March 21, 1893 in the NYT article headlined “Yale's Winter Meeting; Closely contested events in which collegians win chief honors”. He was also mentioned in NYT articles on March 25, 1893. We see records of him wrestling at three weight classes, heavyweight, middleweight and lightweight during these two years. One article from the Times was headlined “Avery's fine Wrestling” in the March 28, 1893 edition.

This is a really neat trophy with outstanding engraving and unusual elephant handles. It measures roughly 6 3/8" height and 9"in width at the handles. One of our favorite non football trophies.