Thursday, March 21, 2019

St. Paul’s School Intramural Football Clubs c.1909 / Hobey Baker

All students took part in intramural sports at St. Paul’s School in Concord New Hampshire. St. Paul’s was an exclusive boarding school that was a feeder school for the Ivy League.
New students were assigned to one of three athletic clubs, Isthmian, Delphian and Old Hundred.
The pictured photograph shows each of the athletic clubs during the football season, on the field at one time, with all its members (youngest in the back).
The school eleven would be made up of the best amongst the three clubs.
Of particular interest, in the front row for the Isthmian club is Hobey Baker, later considered one of the best football and hockey players in the country, wearing his I jersey. Additionally, many of those in the front two rows are identified in script on the mat.
After St. Paul’s, Baker played football and hockey at Princeton and was inducted into both the College Football Hall of Fame and the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.
For related details on Hobey Baker see blog entry dated June 13, 2015.

A large and fascinating photo measuring  16 3/8” x 10”.

                                                              Baker front and center

Saturday, March 2, 2019

1897 University of Maryland Championship Hockey Team

I am including this recently acquired photo as a separate blog entry to encourage readers to revisit an earlier posting of March 23, 2014. In that posting is the identical photo, copied from the 1898 Ice Hockey and Ice Polo Guide.
It is unclear as to whether the photo pictured above was made from the original negative or is copied from an original photo.
This gelatin-silver photo, stamped November 26, 1939 on its reverse measures 13 7/8” x  9 5/8”. It’s size makes it easier to make out the photo’s details.

Also on the reverse, written in script, are the names of the team members.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

1892 St. John's Military Academy Football Team / Bill Edwards

William “Big Bill” Edwards is best known for authoring one of the best known books on 19th century football, Football Days, published in 1916. Edwards played on two National Championship teams while at Princeton in 1898 and 1899, captaining the later.
A little known fact was that Edwards’s first experience playing football was at St. John’s Military Academy in 1892. Much better known are his playing days at Lawrenceville and then for Princeton. The pictured photo is the first team that Edwards played on (he is at the far right). He wrote about this time that “I was only seventeen years of age and weighed 217 pounds”, large even for college players at this time.
This is the largest football albumin photograph we have come across, by far. We had it framed to protect it, which matted out several inches to the dimensions, and yet the sight still measures  21 1/2“x 16“. A significant photograph of a significant football figure.

Dr. Robert M. Lurie, February 24, 1931 – February 10, 2019

To the man who took me to my first professional football game, to see the Patriots at Harvard Stadium -  to my first and last professional hockey games at the old Boston Garden, when Orr, Sanderson and Cheevers were all playing -  and took me to watch the Celtics run the floor, with Bill Russel, Sam Jones, and company -   thank you for that and for a lifetime of great memories.  Dad, we will all miss you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

1892 Yale Football Team Photo Mitchell C. Lilley Jr.

This 1892 team photo is from an extensive collection of football, Yale, Lawrenceville and family photographs and documents all originating from Mitchell C. Lilley, Jr.  Lilley is pictured in this photo, his name being misspelled as Lilly on the mat (see photo below). Additionally, among those listed that appear on the Mayo Cut Plug football card set of 1894 are Beard, Hinkey, McCrea, Buttersworth, Armstrong, Stillman, Adee and Greenway. A pretty rare photo that we were lucky to come across.

                                                         Period cabinet photo of Lilley.

                                                                     M.C. in uniform.

We always loved these muscular football back poses. They are very hard to come by. M.C. Lilley posing.

Mitchell with his brother Alexander S. Lilley. Alexander played quarterback and end for the Princeton Tigers in 1889 and also served as Ohio State University's first football coach.

Boating photos with Francis Edward Barbour (football Y in 1890 and 1891) '92S at the wheel. In top photo Heffelfinger is second to his right. Also identified on the back are Isaac Chauncey McKeever, '93 and Oliver Peter Nicola, '93. 

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Antique Walnut Folio Stand C.1855

If you are like us you have drawers, bins and larger piles of sports ephemera in any number of rooms. Our problem became the storing of larger photos in the upright position, rather than piled one on top of the other. The pictured walnut folio stand, circa 1855,  was a beautiful solution to our problem and fit in perfectly with the collection.  It stores the largest photographs and broadsides, and each side opens to many angles, including laying flat in order to find or view what we are putting in to it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

1891 Tiffany Silver Yale Match Safe

It was a hot and very humid day at Brimfield today (Sept 4), but it was worth the hours spent and the miles walked in the heat to come away with the match safe pictured above.
This is a Tiffany silver match safe commemorating the year’s record for the 1891 Yale football team (Yale 492, Opponents 0), and the games and scores against Harvard (Yale 10, Harvard 0) and Princeton (Yale 19, Princeton 0).  We knew of two examples of this marvelous match safe previously, one coming out of Leland’s in 2002 and the other snuck through virtually unnoticed at Julia’s in 2014.
All three of the match safes being handmade show artist variations in the work, and of course differ in their monograms.

This particular match safe belonged to William Burnet Wright, Jr., class of ’92. Wright earned his football letter and was the president of the Yale Football Association in 1891. He was also the Captain of the Yale Athletic Association team 1890 - 1891, the half-mile run being his specialty.