Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Harvard “1892 Center Trio”

From left to right, William Charles Mackie, William Henry Lewis and Bertram Gordon Waters. In an earlier blog posting (“William Henry Lewis”, August 10, 2015) we pictured a copy of the above photograph taken from the book “The History of Harvard Football, 1874 – 1948” by Morris Bealle. We recently had the opportunity to acquire an original of the photograph that happened to have been William Mackie’s personal copy. Additionally we also acquired a dozen other Mackie family photographs, including a cabinet card of William Mackie (pictured below). Among the personal items we photographed but did not acquire were family documents and early family photographs including one of the better daguerreotypes we have come across, of Joseph Mackie, from the 1840s. There were also close to two dozen identified pieces of Mackie family memento mori dating back to 1803. William Mackie played on the varsity eleven for four years, 1891-1894, graduating with an A.B. in ’94 (’95) and getting his M.D. in 1898. He passed away on August 1, 1931 at 61 years of age.  Mackie and Waters were two of the Harvard players pictured on the 1894 Mayo Cut Plug series.
This photo measures approximately 8” x 5”

                                                   Cabinet photo of William Mackie

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ivy League College Girl Tintype

Unusual and wonderful tintype, in the vein of F. Earl Christy whose illustrative art at the turn of the century focused on woman and sports with Ivy League themes. Often these women held pennants or flags representing Ivy League colleges.
This is the only tintype of the sort we have seen, and is an interesting representation of the Harvard – Yale football rivalry.  Tintype c.1900, measuring  3 ½ x 2 3/8.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Congratulations To Paul Pierce

                 Jacob and Boston Celtic's Paul Pierce about 15 Years ago. Pierce had his number retired and raised to the rafters this week.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

1893 Franklin & Marshall Varsity Eleven

    Team roster : G.W. Hartman, '95, Left Tackle, T.F. Hermann, '95, Left Guard, A.H. Ginder, '96, Center, K.H. Stover, '97, Right Guard, T.H. Krick, '95, Right Tackle, M.E. Strour, '95, Right End, E.A. Cremer, '96, Quarterback, E.D. Lantz, '94, Right Half Back, J.B. Long, '97, Left Half Back, J.W.  Baker, '95, Full Back and Eugene P. Skyles, '95, Left End. Substitutes include C.E. Hower, '97,   J.P. Bachman, '96, R.F. Main, '94, J.F. Dechant, '96, W.E. Schaak, '96 and M.A. Kieffer, '96.
  Manager, J.T. Evans, '94.
The 1893 schedule of eight games (occurring September through November) included U Penn, Bucknell, Gettysburg, Dickinson, Haverford, Swarthmore, the Annapolis Cadets and the Second Eleven. The season tally was 5 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. The losses were to U Penn (48 to 0) and to Annapolis (34 to 6), U Penn using F&M to bolster its number of total wins.

 One of the first early team football photos we ever picked up. An unusual vignette style photo; exceedingly rare to see the white background on a sports related cabinet photo of this period, which is indicative of a gelatin or collodion paper, rather than a  paper using an albumin binder (resulting in the brownish or sepia tones we are all used to seeing). Also of interest due to the inset photo of Captain Eugene P. Skyles, '95 and for the ribbon attached to the lower left of the mat.
   Photo measures 11 x 14 inches and the mat measures 18 x 22 inches.


                                                        Close up of team Captain Skyles.

                                                           Close up of the ribbon

Thursday, February 1, 2018

1891 Photo Of The Princeton Class of 1895 Freshman Football Team

Pach Bros. 1891 albumin of the freshman football team, Princeton class of 1895.

Some players of interest:
At the front of the grouping, lying on the ground is Thomas “Doggie” Gawthrop Trenchard. Trenchard prepared at Lawrenceville (see blog entries July 7, 2013, November 2, 2014 and January 18, 2016). He played on both the freshman baseball and football teams, and played varsity football for three years, captaining the Tigers in 1893 and 1894. He was named an All - American in 1893. After Princeton he went on to play for the Latrobe and Allegheny Athletic Associations.
Sitting behind Trenchard, holding the ball is Darwin “Jesse” Rush James, Jr. James captained the freshman football team and was a substitute for the varsity eleven. He also captained the University track team. He is well known to some of us for being in a photo with Johnny Poe and “Beef” Wheeler, all three  pretty banged up after a snowball fight with members of the class of ’94. Apparently the snowballs were formed around rocks.  A copy of that photo appears below, taken from the twenty-fifth year record of the class of 1895.
Back row, standing to the right is a Arthur “Beef” Ledlie Wheeler, who although a member of the class of ’95 graduated in 1896. He played on the varsity football team for four years, 1891-1894.
In the back row, 3rd from the left is the mustached Lewis “PoP” Frederick Pease. Pease played for four years on the freshman team as well as the freshman scrub team.  We have never researched someone who belonged to more clubs and teams at college than Pease; he was a member of no less than fourteen.
Trenchard and Wheeler were two of the Princeton players featured on the 1894 Mayo Cut Plug card series.
Photo 10 x 13 1/2. This is the only example of this photo we have come across.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Brown University Class of 1900 Football Team

It turns out that many Brown teams had their photograph taken by Horton Bros., in Providence, Rhode Island. The identical painted background (as seen in this photo) was utilized in many of these photos from the mid 1890s. A number of those pictured in this photo went on to play with the varsity football team.

Measuring 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches.

1886 University of California Berkeley Football Team

Early UC football photos are virtually non-existent. This is due in part to football only being introduced in the 1880s, and 1886 being the first year football as we know it existed rather than variations of rugby played primarily against local clubs. Various sources cite different players as captaining the team, however the 1887 Blue and Gold, published in 1886 lists P.S. Woolsey as Captain. The team is made up of Rushers, Rothganger, Moffitt, O.S. Howard, Shoaf, Merrill and Wilbur, Quarterback, Bosse, Half-backs Turner and Woolsey, Three-Quarter Back Magee and Back, Blanchard.
This albumin photo measuring approximately 4 ¼” x 6” was actually set directly into the 1887 volume of the Blue & Gold, and is likely the earliest known UC football photo. This photo is earlier than anything pictured in either "66 Years of the California Gridiron", by Brodie, published in 1949, or in "100 Years of Blue & Gold", by Peters, published in 1982.