Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wonderful New Website On Frank Hinkey

It is not often that we find what we consider a great football site, especially  from the perspective of bringing to light well executed historical research.
One such site, that is new to the internet, can be found at https://www.frankhinkey.com/ .  Well researched, photographed and scanned, it gives the reader information that cannot be found elsewhere. We greatly appreciate a researcher that shares such knowledge and does so on a subject that is of interest to all of us that collect, research or follow the early history of football, Frank Hinkey.
This is a wonderful site that we wholeheartedly recommend and we look forward to the updates as they are made.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Championship Team Photo 1888

MIT won the Eastern Inter-Collegiate Football Association title in 1887 and 1888 (co-winning in 1888 with Dartmouth who had the same win - loss record in league play).

Back row standing, left to right:  Charles Garrison, ’91, William M. Duane, ’89, Odin B. Roberts, ’88, Frank L. Dame, ’88, Richard Devens, ‘88
Middle row, seated: F. Goodhue, Jr., ’90, Edgar L. Hamilton, ’90, Frank M. Ladd, ’88, Robert C. Mitchell, ’91, Edward W. Herrick, ’88, P.H. Tracy, ’90, Clarence B. Vorce, ‘88
Front row, seated on ground: Frederick E. Ellis, ’88, Otto Germer Jr., ‘91

Photo approximately 10" x 15"

                                                                Close up of banner