Monday, May 8, 2017

1891 Dudley Riggs Team Cabinet Photo

Normally only referred to by his nickname “Dudley”, Thomas “Dudley” Riggs, at 16 years of age is pictured  holding the ball, as captain, in this 1891 albumin of the “Old Hundred Eleven, S.P.S.”. Before attending Princeton (’97), where he was named an All-American in 1895, he attended the St. Paul School in Concord, New Hampshire. Dudley played only two years for the Tigers, 1894 and 1895. A 1896 Boston Herald article states that “Dudley Riggs, ’97 has been forbidden by his parents to play football again”, thus his relatively short but noteworthy career.  He followed in his brother’s footsteps. First, Lawrence, ’83, then Jesse, ’92.  Jesse was named an All-American in 1890. Additionally, his brothers Frank and Harry played as substitutes.
Riggs is pictured as one of the Princeton cards of the 1894 Mayo Cut Plug series.
Photo 13 1/2 x 10 1/8, on a slightly larger mount. In gilt on the mount "Old Hundred Eleven, S.P.S. 1891".